Name: Martin Emilov

Position in the band: solo guitar (2014)

Sign: Sagittarius

Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria

Musical career: I play actively since age of 17 and I'm highly influenced by shredding guitarist like Michael Angelo and Paul Gilbert. I'm fascinated by the idea of combining classical music with modern Heavy Metal

Preferred musical styles: neoclassic

Favorite bands: Rhapsody Of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen.

Favorite musicians: Niccolo Paganini, Michael-Angelo Batio, Vitally Kyprii, Alexey Arkhipovskiy

Favorite albums: The dark side of the moon (Pink Floyd), Burn (Deep Purple)

Additional info(hobbies, dreams, food, books): To go on excavation expeditions, studying ancient languages. I read various books but I prefer scientific ones about classical archeology, archeomerty and etc.

Preferred equipment: I prefer guitars with active electronics directly connected to tube Engl/Marshall amps. I use overdrive and digital delay effects.